1. Programming paradigms
  2. Hints on programming-language design - 13.3.5. Readability
  3. SQL
  4. Example for close to machine (low-level) - Assembly language programming "Hello World" example
  5. Referential transparency
  6. Functional patterns are well aligned practicing debugging strategies Essay about the concept of simply not letting buggy code compile
  7. Code ownership being approached above from a preferred Feature Driven Development point of view
  8. Clean code in Functional programming
  9. Example of a pure Functional language is Haskell
  10. Languages sharing both Functional and object oriented traits,
  11. Javaers as target audience
  12. Github activity related to specific languages as of Nov 2021,,,
  13. Vendors using programming languages,,,
  14. Scala programming language
  15. Empirical Analysis of Programming Language Adoption - 5; 5.4; 6; 6.1;
  16. Sunk Costs, Rationality, and Acting For the Sake of the Past
  17. The Case for Teaching Functional Programming
  18. Online vs. Traditional Education
  19. Conferences prices,
  20. Why Traditional Recruitment Doesn't Apply to Tech - point 4. on noise
  21. Details about Functional programming learning curve issues